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Who we are

CAP Plumbing provides a comprehensive, seamless, and high-quality experience from start to finish

With a collective experience spanning four decades, we specialize in delivering top-notch plumbing and related services, dedicated to ensuring your home and business environments remain both crack-free and leak-free. Our team of skilled, knowledgeable technicians, all trained to industry standards, has successfully applied their expertise to repair a diverse array of sites. From high-rise condominiums to airports, shopping malls, places of worship, sports complexes, and office buildings, we've left our mark by providing reliable solutions in every setting

Integrity, Performance and Passion

As pioneers in the plumbing industry, we've risen to leadership by offering revolutionary plumbing solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients—all while aligning with their budgetary constraints. Our innovative processes at CAP Plumbing have not only carved a distinctive niche but also propelled us to expand our services. Today, we stand as a trusted name among our esteemed clientele, including homeowners, builders, and property managers, who value our commitment to excellence

At CAP Plumbing, our dedicated team of employees is wholeheartedly committed to upholding the corporate mission, vision, and values that define our company. Their unwavering commitment plays a pivotal role in propelling our company towards progressive growth and solidifying our leadership status. From the top-down, our hands-on teamwork has been instrumental in cultivating innovative methods and systemized processes. These elements are not only crucial to the high quality we deliver to our clients but also contribute significantly to safeguarding the value of their investments

Our Team

Our growing team of experts is guaranteed to have all your plumbing solutions

Cyril Phillips

Estimator/General Manager

 (416) 688-4543

(905) 632-6608

Steve Roberts

Lead Operations Manager

(416) 500-2017

(905) 331-6588

Renato Maglinao


(905) 331-6588

(905) 632-6608

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